This is what we do

Acrobatic Duo Contortion

An acrobatic duo contortion act, like a tango between two girls and the audience. Performed together with a box. (5:20min)

Space needed: minimum 5m x 5m x 3,5m (depth-width-height)

We also have a similar act without the box for smaller places and stages. (4:20min)

Space needed: approx. 3,5m x 4m x 2,5m (depth-width-height)

Aerial double hoop

An aerial double hoop act containing acrobatic and contortion movements simultaneously, choreographed to the music. This is our own invention. (5:00min)

Space needed: minimum 3m x 3m x 7m (depth-width-height)

Requirements: Technical rider

Fire dancing & Glow shows

World-renowned UniFlow Shows combine impressive fire juggling and mesmerizing fire dancing with energetic acrobatics, contortion, tricking and martial arts! Also UniFlow's glow shows have luminated the nights in Corporate Events troughout the years.

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